How to use a balloon tying tool?

Have you ever inflated balloons and tied them? I did it, and believe me when I say that my fingers are in terrible shape and that I vividly recall this episode.
Since I’ve been to a lot of parties where balloons were inflated and tied a long time ago. A small device was created years ago to preserve your fingers. I’m not referring to electric balloon pumps! Since the invention of the electric balloon pump, the hassle-free balloon tying apparatus has been one of the best inventions in party decorating.
Balloon tying equipment makes tying balloons easier and reduces finger pain. It’s also quite simple to operate!

How to use a balloon tying tool

How to use Balloon Tying tool ? (7 Steps)

  1. Insert your third and fourth fingers into the holes.
  2. With the nose of the tying tool pointing toward you, the flat part of the tool should be flush with the back of your palm. It’s important to keep in mind that the open part of the nose should be facing upwards.
  3. Your balloon should now be fully inflated.
  4. Make a complete cycle by wrapping the mouth of the inflated balloon around the tool’s nose.
  5. Cross it over the first wrap on the second cycle.
  6. Then, feed the mouth of the balloon through the top of the wrap and out the bottom opening.
  7. To tie a knot, pull it off.

Where to Buy Balloon Tying Tool?

There are lots of ways to Buy Balloon tying tool:

Offline: You can visit the nearest store in your city or town, to find the store you can search on Google because lots of small stores listed their business on google (Search Example: Gift Shop Near me, General Party Store near me or supermarket near me.) generally this kind of shop or stores found balloon tying tool easily.

Online: You can buy it from any trusted e-commerce website like Amazon or Flipkart. Possible chances are. there are lots of websites also that deal only with these kinds of products.

Pricing: $15 to $ 30 (depends on company or Brand)


Use this simple plastic balloon tie tool to save time and avoid finger strain while decorating with balloons for a birthday party, bridal shower, baby shower, anniversary, or wedding.

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